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Your Estimated Tree Trimming Costs: $71.77

This cost is based on County labor costs includes identification and trimming of dead and diseased leaves and branches, pruning and shaping, limb, leave and branch removal if necessary.

Tree Trimming Time: 1.2 Hours

Your Estimated Hazardous Tree Care Costs: $93.30

This estimate is based on trees or branches that protrude over obstacles or require specialized equipment (cranes, bucket trucks) for the hazardous tree care.

Hazardous Tree Care Time: 1.56 Hours


These prices include removal of dead branches, thinning, general pruning. Costs are based on average tree trimming and labor rates. Actual prices will vary by tree species and condition of tree (i.e. healthy or diseased). Fill out the free quote form to the right to get exact pricing.

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Tree Trimming Prices

Tree Height Avg Trunk Size 1 Tree 2 Trees 3 Trees 4 Trees 5 Trees
5 - 10 feet 3- 10 inches $71.77 $139.23 $202.39 $261.24 $315.79
10 - 15 feet 3- 10 inches $119.75 $232.32 $337.70 $435.89 $526.90
15 - 20 feet 3- 10 inches $144.46 $280.25 $407.38 $525.83 $635.62
20 - 25 feet 10- 20 inches $204.92 $397.54 $577.87 $745.91 $901.65
25 - 30 feet 10- 20 inches $267.55 $519.05 $754.49 $973.88 $1,177.22
30 - 35 feet 10- 20 inches $354.41 $687.56 $999.44 $1,290.05 $1,559.40
35 - 45 feet 20 inches + $462.44 $897.13 $1,304.08 $1,683.28 $2,034.74
Above 45 feet 20 inches + $539.41 $1,046.46 $1,521.14 $1,963.45 $2,373.40

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Compare & Save On Commercial & Residential Tree Trimming Services With Cork'd

We know that a great tree trimming company needs to deliver just a few things to keep you satisfied. Show up when scheduled, keep the trees looking alive and balanced and clean up everything when complete. It seems simple enough but many so called tree experts fail on one or more fronts. There is really nothing worse than having to sweep up after a service you just paid for, or to see a previously lush tree over cut into a stick figure. When you work with Cork'd professionals you will only get seasoned professionals who focus on customer service to help their business grow.

Why You Need A Professional Tree Trimming Company You Can Count On

If you are a property manager you already know the importance of working with a reliable expert to cut your trees on a regular basis to maintain safety and keep up the aesthetics of your sites. For individual property owners however it is important to consider:

  • Safety - Certain trees can present danger to people below during high winds and proper trimming can minimize this risk. However, actually trimming the tree is a much larger danger on average for the typical person who does not have the necessary skills to deal with heavy branches while navigating heights above 7 feet or so. Downplaying these risks can lead to disaster.
  • Exposing the beauty of your property - By our very nature, humans are predisposed to enjoy the view of lush trees. Though it may be subtle, a well kept property with nicely trimmed trees will look much more appealing to an adjacent property with overgrowth or diseased trees.

Let our experts take care of everything for you. Simply find your area or request more information now.

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